Dr. Andrew Glassner on computer graphics and deep learning


Dr. Andrew Glassner joins Steve Waskul in the StudioXperience Broadcast Studio at SIGGRAPH 2018. During this interview they discuss innovations in computer graphics and Andrew’s new book Deep Learning from Basics to Practice which is available at Amazon.com. The book is a complete and friendly guide for programmers, artists, scientists, engineers, musicians, and anyone else who wants to understand and use deep learning.

About Dr. Andrew Glassner

Dr. Andrew Glassner is a writer-director, and a consultant in storytelling, interactive fiction, and computer graphics. He started working in 3D computer graphics in 1978, and has carried out research at the NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, Case Western Reserve University, the IBM TJ Watson Research Lab, the Delft University of Technology, Bell Communications Research, Xerox PARC, and Microsoft Research. The New York Times wrote, “Andrew Glassner [is one] of the most respected talents in the world of computer graphics research.”

A popular speaker, Glassner has delivered invited addresses to groups around the world on topics ranging from computer graphics to storytelling. He is also a well-known writer, and has published numerous technical papers and books on topics ranging from 3D modeling, rendering, and animation to digital sound synthesis. His book 3D Computer Graphics: A Handbook for Artists and Designers has taught a generation of artists through two editions and three languages. Glassner created and edited the Graphics Gems series and created and wrote several chapters in the book An Introduction to Ray Tracing. He wrote the two-volume university-level textbook Principles of Digital Image Synthesis.

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