Arne Peters on Live Gaming Events and Gaming Technology


ESL Technology Vice President Arne Peters and Steve Waskul discuss live gaming events and the technology behind them.

Arne Peters has been involved in the gaming industry since 1987. Steve and Arne begin their conversation discussing how amazing technology is to children and how driven they are to know all the details behind it. Arne believes that it is the same for games. The players sometimes know more than the developers. They find out little things about games, little glitches and things the developers never thought of. He expounds that this is vitally important to developers as they need this feedback on their games to improve them.

Steve brings up how he loves that people from different countries, different cultures and difference languages can perform well together on the same team in a gaming environment and Arne expands on that with the added insight that they must find a way to communicate and to anticipate their teammates moves. He also adds that many people take the virtual experience into real life and meet face to face at events in stadiums.

Arne and his team organize lots of gaming events as well as events in stadiums that can draw tens of thousands of people to have the experience of watching people play in a very competitive, sporting like atmosphere. With 15 or 20 thousand people watching every action and cheering one can easily imagine the scene at one of the larger events. Mr. Waskul notes that he did see one of Arne’s events several years ago at CeBIT in Hanover and that at the time he was amazed by the possibilities and the interaction the fans were having with the players competing on stage. Agreeing with Arne that there are definite similarities to other sporting events, Steve points out that it’s great because it opens up the experience to a group of players that might have a completely different skill set from say football players.

The interview next moves to a conversation of ESL Technology.