Open Drives CEO Chad Knowles on Performance Storage Solutions


Open Drives CEO Chad Knowles talks storage with Steve Waskul during this StudioXperience interview. The interview covers a range of topics including the Company’s formation, it’s mission and experience and the solutions it brings to customers who need high-performance, mission-critical storage for their applications.

About Chad Knowles

Chad Knowles has a reputation of excellence within the digital media and entertainment space. His talents in devising and executing strategies to impact tens of millions of dollars in revenue generation and market share expansion are widely recognized by industry peers.

With long-standing relationships among media and entertainment companies, Chad’s personal brand as a connector is apparent throughout his career trajectory. His rolodex includes C-level relationships with Warner Bros., Disney, Sony, Apple, Publicis, and McGraw-Hill; as well as IBM, Microsoft, Broadcom, and Hewlett Packard, just to name a few.