Intel’s David Kennedy on Intel® Xeon® mobile processor-based workstations


Intel Business Development Manager for Mobile Workstation Products David Kennedy and Steve Waskul discuss Intel® Xeon® mobile processor-based workstations during this Waskul.TV interview from the StudioXperience Broadcast Studio at the 2017 NAB Show.

About David

David Kennedy has sixteen years experience in business strategy, marketing and product management, business development, operations and engineering. David specializes in new business development, contract negotiations, strategic relationship development and product strategies and planning.

About Intel® Xeon® Mobile Processor-Based Workstations

Intel® Xeon® mobile processor-based workstations provide a spectrum of performance, reliability, and expandability that extends well beyond the capabilities of standard mobile computers.

With upgraded I/O bandwidth & feature enhancements, Intel® Xeon® mobile processor-based workstations enable superior responsiveness and increased productivity thanks to new technologies that boost data transfer rates and double the number of PCIe lanes.

One innovation you’ll find in Intel® Xeon® mobile processor-based workstations is ECC memory which protects your system from potential crashes and changes in data. ECC memory catches and corrects single-bit errors on-the-fly to keep workstation applications running reliably and without error. Single-bit memory errors occur with no fault of the user. The longer a system operates throughout the day, the greater risk it has for memory errors and this risk increases with the age of the system.

Visit the Intel site to learn more about Intel® Xeon® mobile processor-based workstations.