Immersive VR with Dr. Thomas McLaughlin, Motion Reality CEO


Dr. Thomas McLaughlin is the CEO at Motion Reality where his team is responsible for developing accurate, real-time human motion capture and simulation technologies. Motion Reality customers include the military, law enforcement, entertainment, and sports. In this interview, Christopher joins Steve Waskul in the StudioXperience Broadcast Studio at SIGGRAPH 2017. During the interview, Mr. Pitcher discusses creating impact through empathy and educational experiences that are entertaining along with a wide range of VR topics.

Dr. Thomas McLaughlin

Dr. Thomas McLaughlin co-founded Motion Reality and he currently serves as CEO at Motion Reality

Dr. McLaughlin received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Biomechanics at the University of Illinois in 1978, and was a visiting scholar at UCLA and a former professor at Auburn University. Dr. McLaughlin’s research interests include spatial musculoskeletal modeling, dynamics of human motion, and the integration of mechanics and analytical techniques with real-time 3D computer animation and immersive virtual reality