Ventuz CEO Eric Beaumont on real-time interactive, data-driven graphics


Ventuz CEO Eric Beaumont joins Steve Waskul in the StudioXperience Broadcast Studio at SIGGRAPH 2018. During this interview Eric discusses how Ventuz software is used for creating stylish data visualizations and presentations at any resolution. StudioXperience at SIGGRAPH 2018 featured a HDR 12K video wall that was powered by a cluster of HP Z4 Workstations running Ventuz software. You can find a complete description of the system at the StudioXperience website.

About Eric Beaumont

Eric Beaumont currently serves as CEO of Ventuz. Eric came to Ventuz in 2010 as Product Manager and then took on the role of COO in April of 2013 and CEO in February 2016.

Previously Eric worked as Technical Director for Animoto and Senior Product Specialist for Avid / Softimage. Eric’s specialties include organizational development and dynamics, large-group trauma psychology, computer graphics, broadcast graphics, data presentation and visualization, high end presentations and public speaking, interactive computer technologies and HCI.

About Ventuz

Ventuz Technology provides software solutions for authoring and displaying real-time interactive, data-driven graphics. Ventuz users are in a wide range of markets with high-end requirements, such as broadcast graphics, event installations, projections and professional presentations, by developing workflows and products that allow customers to create and playout highly appealing and cutting edge visual content.

Waskul.TV – Powered by HP and NVIDIA

HP Z Workstations with NVIDIA® Quadro GPUs play a vital role in our Waskul.TV production workflows. StudioXperience showcased the full range of HP Z Workstations at SIGGRAPH 2018 including several HP Z8 Workstations with NVIDIA Quadro GV100 GPUs that powered our virtual set at 4K 60p during our live broadcast. Learn more by visiting our StudioXperience site.