The VR experience with HTC VIVE’s J.B. McRee Jr.


HTC VIVE Senior Manager for Product and Developer Marketing, J.B. McRee Jr. joins Steve Waskul in the StudioXperience Broadcast Studio at SIGGRAPH 2017. During the interview, Mr. McRee takes a look at the future of VR and the immersive room scale VR experiences that HTC VIVE is enabling today.

About J.B. McRee Jr.

J.B. McRee Jr. currently serves as Senior Manager for Product and Developer marketing at HTC Vive. In his role with the company, J.B. works with the HTC VIVE developer community to evangelize unique stories about HTC VIVE and related products. JB’s efforts impact all aspects of HTC VIVE including VR content, developer and partner engagement, hardware and software integration, design, and user experience.