Powering VR location-based entertainment with HP’s Joanna Popper


HP Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment Joanna Popper joins Steve Waskul in the StudioXperience Broadcast Studio at SIGGRAPH 2018. During this interview they discuss innovations in VR and bringing exciting new experiences to audiences with location-based entertainment attractions. Their discussion includes the HP Mars Home Planet VR Experience which was premiered in StudioXperience at SIGGRAPH 2018.

About Joanna Popper

Joanna Popper currently serves as Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment at HP.

Previous to her work at HP, Joanna was Executive Producer on projects including The Awesome Show in partnership with Mark Burnett, Universal TV Alternative Studios and Singularity University. She was also EVP of Media and Marketing for Singularity University, a NASA-based, Google-sponsored company founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis to prepare leaders for the future using cutting-edge tech innovation such as VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and moonshot thinking.

Joanna also served as Vice President, Marketing for NBCUniversal Media, LLC and Senior Marketing Manager for DHL

Waskul.TV – Powered by HP and NVIDIA

HP Z Workstations with NVIDIA® Quadro GPUs play a vital role in our Waskul.TV production workflows. StudioXperience showcased the full range of HP Z Workstations at SIGGRAPH 2018 including several HP Z8 Workstations with NVIDIA Quadro GV100 GPUs that powered our virtual set at 4K 60p during our live broadcast. Learn more by visiting our StudioXperience site.