30 Ninjas’ Julina Tatlock and Lewis Smithingham on VR and 360 Video


30 Ninjas’ CEO and Creative Director Julina Tatlock and CTO and VR Specialist Lewis Smithingham join Steve Waskul during this live interview from the SIGGRAPH 2016 StudioXperience.

During the interview they discuss their efforts with VR and 360 video and some of the note-worthy projects they’ve been involved with.

About Julina Tatlock

Julina Tatlock is the founder & CEO of 30 Ninjas. She worked as Executive Producer and Director of Episodes 3 & 4 of the six-part VR mini-series “Invisible” with production partners Conde Nast entertainment, Jaunt VR and Samsung Digital. Julina is also a digital strategist, an interactive story creater, a writer, producer and game designer of online and social media games. Her clients have included Warner Brothers, USA Network, Universal Cable Production and Harper Collins.

About Lewis Smithingham

Lewis Smithingham is the Virtual Reality Director & CTO at 30 Ninjas. Additionally Lewis works there as editor and director of photography where they just completed the “Invisible” series a 30 minute narrative series directed by Doug Liman.

About 30 Ninjas

30 Ninjas creates, writes and produces transmedia and multiplatform content for film and television.
30 Ninjas was founded by feature film director Doug Liman (“Edge of Tomorrow”, “The Bourne Identity,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”), and Julina Tatlock.

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