Julene Reed on powering education with technology using HP Sprout Pro


HP Z Workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors

Julene Reed discusses integrating and implementing technology in the classroom with Steve Waskul.

About Julene Reed

Julene Reed is a professional development consultant and educator. She has over twenty–five years of experience as a classroom teacher, technology integration specialist, and administrator. Ms. Reed is currently completing her doctorate on education leadership with a focus on global education and technology implementation and integration.

Julene recently served as the Director of Academic Technology at St. George’s Independent School for seventeen years. She has implemented Learning Studios internationally in conjunction with Digital Promise and Education Collaborators. She is currently coordinating a mobile technology education initiative in Malawi in collaboration with Lamar University, the University of Malawi, and Voluntary Services Organization (VSO). In the past, she has also worked with Suumu Secondary School in Tanzania.