Cascade Game Foundry’s Scenery Art Lead Birney Mitchell on Art and Indie Game Development


Cascade Game Foundry’s Scenery Art Lead Birney Mitchell talks with Steve Waskul at SIGGRAPH 2016 about Art and Indie Game Development.

About Birney Mitchell

Birney Mitchell has a worked for a number of companies during his career. He began working in the game industry in 2003 creating objects for Microsoft Flight Simulator working at Martian Arts. After two years at Martian Arts, Mr. Mitchell moved to Sakson & Taylor where he worked on site as a contract worker at Microsoft. This led to his moving to full-time work as a Microsoft employee where Birney was part of the core scenery team and worked on several shipped titles and some titles that did not ship.

After Spending more than 2 years at Microsoft, Birney moved to MAQ Consulting where he worked as a production artist again working onsite at Microsoft as a vendor helping to create Microsoft Flight. Next he moved to Aquent where he worked onsite at Microsoft as a track artist the the Turn 10 team. During this time, he helped to create Forza Motorsport 5 for the Xbox One.

Birney also worked as Lead Artist at Flyte Center and then as a freelance 3D artist at Camouflaj Game Studio. During this period, Mr Mitchell also worked at his current position at Cascade Game Foundry beginning in September 2009.

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