Alon Melchner on Effortless AR and VR Content Creation


WakingApp’s President and Head of Strategic Vision and Technology Alon Melchner joins Steve Waskul at FMX 2016. During this interview Alon expounds on WakingApp realities’ vision and their efforts to revolutionize augmented reality and virtual reality content creation through free and unlimited tools that enable the effortless creation of AR/VR content.

About Alon Melchner

Alon Melchner founded WakingApp in 2012 and served as its first CEO until 2014.

Prior to WakingApp, he founded and served as CEO of digital media agency, Digital Boost.

About WakingApp

WakingApp’s powerful cloud-based ENTiTi platform enables any company or individual to create interactive virtual and augmented reality content without any developer skills. All content is instantly made available on the ENTiTi app, and integrates with mobile devices, leading smart glasses and peripherals.

WakingApp’s mission is to build and grow VR and AR ecosystems by providing tools that enable anyone to create interactive and advanced content and that facilitates the use of cutting-edge technology, such as viewers, cameras, head mounts, controllers and depth sensors.

To learn more about WakingApp, visit their website.