Scott Gershin on Sound in Films, Games and VR


Scott Gershin is the Director of Sound Editorial at Technicolor’s Sound Lab. Mr Gershin shares some of his memorable projects during this interview as he joins Steve Waskul in a discussion on the power and importance of sound in film, games and VR experiences.

About Scott Gershin

Scott Gershin has worked on over 100 films and has also worked on sound for AAA game titles. Scott has received 26 industry nominations, including a BAFTA Award for his work on American Beauty, Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim and Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler. He brings theatrical sound quality standards to bear on a wide range of consumer experiences ‐‐ from apps and software, to blockbuster gaming titles like Resident Evil, Plants vs. Zombies, Gears of Wars, Fable, and most recently id Sofware’s Doom.